Mini Land


| A set of tableware that inspired by Mini Land.

As population density increases, house prices rising. The word “ Narrow Dwelling” is very familiar with young people in China. Chinese average population is 143 people per square kilometer, about 3.3 times of the world population density. However, Chinese population distribution is very uneven, the eastern coastal areas are densely populated, with more than 400 people per square kilometer. For such a situation,multi-purpose, cost-effective products in the market demand are also relatively high. MINI LAND is a set of tableware, but can also be used as a kitchen appliance for single young people in demand. The chopstick was inspired by the egg beater, which can be set on top of the chopstick when the user needs to hit an egg. The cup could use as cup or a mall pot. Wooden coasters could small cutting board as user’s need.

IMG_1776副本 2.JPG

Mini Land

Designer: Jinying Yu