| A group of modular furniture designed for CoWorking spaces.

From visit 3 different CoWorking spaces, interview coworkers, map user's journey, articles and analysis dates. I found flexibility, privacy, and community are the center of CoWorking spaces. Such as flexible desk is most popular membership plan, however sometimes they also need privacy, so they will book the meeting room for doing their work. This leads to meeting rooms are hard to book and the lounge area has become a meeting place, not a members community space.

 " How can multiple individuals share a space? Better way to share the spaces in whole big area. "

" Potential " is a group of modular furniture designed for CoWorking spaces. It has three component: A multiple usage stool could use as stool or desk leg, a multiple usage screen could use as a back screen to create more privacy or conference table surface and a small table surface that fits one person to work. It addresses flexible, solves privacy issues, can be used as a one or can be built up to form larger areas for multiple users. The stool has two connections to increase stability when embedding the screen and made from polypropylene because high machining properties and practical properties, light specific gravity. Two surfaces made from hollow core door to reduce the weight, and use as a whiteboard.

| Journey map

| Journey map

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| Prototype and test iteration


Office Furniture Design

Designer: Jinying Yu