| A stool inspired by "Diamond Chair" - by Harry Bertoia

Inspire is hard things, however for a designer is very important to get inspiration from everything and every moment. Get inspired by a specified famous chair to design a stool. Yes, it is a tough assignment. How to get inspired but not the same as original design?

 I was trying to get inspired by Harry Bertoia's Diamond Chair and took one most important element to reinterpret. Using the metal net to Cast people's set position shape is the important element I see from Diamond Chair. Therefore, I used four different patterns knit and velcro to designed stool's every four sides. For the structure, I used antiparallelogram as an element inspired by the Diamond Chair's structure, PVC tube is the material of the structure. From the test, because of the flexibility of knits net, this stool also cast the user shape after they sit.


Furniture Design

Designer: Jinying Yu


Photographer : Dachuan Chu